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Concert Ticket Printers that allow you to customize your tickets!

Our concert tickets are...

  • Customized - Our tickets can be customized to your event, and each batch of tickets comes with its own set of consecutive serial numbers, so your staff can spot counterfeits and monitor attendance.
  • Reliable – Not only does TA Ticket Printing offer same-day shipping, our staff will also contact you if we notice unusual activity, like duplicate orders, which are a common sign of potential counterfeit activity.
  • Secure – The foil patterns and blacklight ink on our tickets allow you to protect your venue from underage drinking, counterfeiting and gatecrashers.

How Do Our Services as Concert Ticket Printers Make Your Concerts Better?

Counterfeit goods and services make up an industry that is worth $250 billion and can easily eat into your bottom line, endanger customers and harm your brand. Our ability as concert ticket printers can help to shield you from counterfeiters.

Counterfeit tickets hurt your profits...

Not only is a forged ticket a lost sales opportunity, each and every fake ticket accepted by your venue means less money for you to pay your staff, from security to cleanup staff to performance fees and everywhere in between.

Diminish your brand …

Every gatecrasher that enters one of your events harms the reputation that you and your business have been trying to build for years. The added space they take up crowds smaller events and often leaves paying customers outside when your venue reaches occupational capacity. Any of these scenarios spell bad news for the reputation of your business.

And endanger your customers …

14.5% of alcohol sold in the US every year is consumed by underage drinkers, and around 50,000 of those will cause traffic accidents. Help uphold the safety of your venue and the roads around it by adding another level of counterfeit protection. TA Ticket Printing provides secure tickets and helps to prohibit unwanted visitors and underage drinkers by aiding your staff with a reliable, secure ticket option..

TA Ticket Printing Is Here… Whenever You Need Us!

We understand the difficulty that comes with controlling a concert venue, so we provide service that is reliable, fast, and secure. All tickets come with foil patterns and black light ink that prove the validity of the ticket and makes counterfeiting nearly impossible. To help you identify our tickets, we’ll even include a handheld black light for free!

Our concert ticket printers keep tabs on very order and every design because we know how dedicated ticket counterfeiters are. If we see something out of the ordinary or notice that someone buys tickets identical to yours, we’ll contact you in order to verify the information.

To quickly gauge sales and attendance, just check the ticket’s unique serial numbers. Each batch of customizable tickets has its own unique, sequential numbering which also comes in handy when trying to keep forgers on their toes.

And did we mention that we’re fast? If you order your tickets today before 2pm, we’ll print and ship them today. Guaranteed. To get started, click here to use our online design tool.

Or, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us now.


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