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How to get started with custom ticket printing

Whether you print tickets regularly or this is your first time, we're here to help. We can recommend which type of ticket template to use, we can advise what to print on your ticket and we can explain the various security features of our tickets.

Option 1

Browse over 100 templates and select the one that best suits your need.

Option 2

Upload your own artwork for a 100% customized ticket.

What do I need to get started with custom ticket printing?

The short answer: not much. You can create, customize, and order your tickets with just about any web browser running on just about any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Really! We just want you to be happy.

That said, custom ticket printing options all depend on your event. Picking and printing the perfect custom ticket for your event will be easier if you have:

  • A revised and spell-checked document of event information including:
    • Event title
    • Artist names
    • Venue name
    • A seating chart, if the event features reserved seating
    • Description of the type of ticket (e.g. General Admisison or VIP>
    • Prices
    • Day, Month, Year, Time, AM or PM
    • Anything else you’d like on the ticket
That's it!

You can start designing your tickets right now. Start browsing our variety of fun ticket themes.

Because we want you to be happy, we’ll ship your custom tickets today. Just be sure to submit your order by 2pm eastern time.

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