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Can you tell me more about the security features available?

Of course we can!

  • Tamper proof papers and inks – By using quality papers and inks specifically designed for ticket printing, you can be confident the tickets you take are genuine. Our papers are resilient and resist smudging. Your staff will spot a counterfeit a mile away.
  • Serial numbers and sequential numbering – Every batch of tickets we send you comes with a unique set of sequential serial numbers. If you receive a suspicious ticket (identified because the paper or ink don’t seem right), simply check the serial numbers and know for sure. Sequential numbering makes counterfeiting more difficult while making at-a-glance sales tracking a snap.
  • Hidden UV/Black Light & Coin Rub Inks – Night time events can make it harder to identify fakes. Our special inks eliminate the confusion, so your staff can get more people through the door faster. Black light inks only show up under a UV light. Coin rub inks only appear when rubbed by a coin.
  • Hologram or foil stamps – Gate crashers and counterfeiters don’t use the best techniques—but we do. Our holograms and foil stamps are integrated into tickets, cannot be removed, and are extremely difficult to mimic.

To see what these will look like on your ticket, preview the back of a ticket.

high security ticket printing


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