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What can I change about the design of my custom ticket before printing it?

You can change the text, color, and design of your tickets. You can also change the paper, inks, and security features on each ticket.

While the exact design features depend on the event you’re hosting, each and every one of our tickets has these security features built in to the design:

  • Tamper proof papers and inks
  • Serial numbers unique to each ticket
  • Hidden UV/Black light ink
  • Coin rub ink
  • Hologram or foil stamps
  • Sequential numbering
But we want you to be happy, so we’ve got a variety of additional design options available, including:

  • General admission features or reserved seating services
  • Fun themes including sports, seasons, holidays and more.
  • Tickets for specific events like concerts, festivals, night clubs, and weddings.
If you don’t see exactly what you want, you can even send us your custom artwork. We’ll print an awesome custom ticket for your event.


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