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Customize Your Own Event Tickets

Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing allows you to customize your very own event tickets. It's quick and easy. Here are the specifics.

How do I get started?

After selecting one of our attractive styles, you can use our online design tool to enter custom text on your next event ticket.

To use the customizer, simply click a field on the ticket to edit its content, then use the menu above the ticket to edit the text appearance. The final product will appear exactly as you see it on your screen, so make sure to add all necessary event information to your ticket and to check all spelling and grammar before adding it to your cart.

What should go on my ticket?

Here are suggestions for basic information to put on your event ticket:

  • Venue Name
  • Headliner/Main Performer
  • Support acts
  • Venue address
  • Telephone number
  • General Admission or seat number
  • Date of the event

But you can put whatever you feel like writing there! Want to give a shout out to VIP or the support crew? Go for it! The best thing about our tickets is that you can make them say whatever you want.

How do I copy event tickets to use later?

It is super easy to save and copy an event ticket design:

First, either create an account or log in to your existing account. Create your first event ticket using the online design tool and then add your event ticket to the shopping cart. From your cart, clock on the “save to shelf” button, this will store your event ticket to your account.

Whenever you need an exact copy of that ticket (or maybe one like it with just a few changes), from your shelf listing, you can click “edit” and modify the event ticket and add the newly edited event ticket to your cart.

Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing allows anyone to easily design event tickets, try our online design tool today!


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