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How do I pick a ticket printing service?

Things you should look for in a ticket printing service:

  • Customer Service
  • Turnaround time
  • Product quality
  • Convenience
  • Security features

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important qualities one should consider when choosing a ticket printing service. While many ticket printing service companies offer great products, customer service often isn’t given the same amount of attention. The customer’s ability to contact a real live person with any questions that may arise while placing an order is very important. TA Ticket Printing recognizes this importance and is fully staffed Monday – Friday to help our customers with any and every part of the ordering process.

Need to get in touch with us for any reason? Check out this page full of contact info!

Turnaround Time

You will often find yourself short of time and needing a ticket order expedited. So, it is important to consider the turnaround time when choosing a ticket printing service. TA Ticket Printing can print and ship orders of less than 10,000 out the same day as long as that order is received before 2:00pm EST. And orders received after 2:00pm EST will ship out the following business day.

Ticket printing should not be a laborious chore that requires hours and hours of your valuable time. When deciding on a ticket printing service, one should choose a ticket printing service that makes it easy for customers to order their tickets. From navigating the website in order to view the various products offered to the functionality of the ticket design tool, all of these should work together to make a customer’s experience a good one.

Product Quality

There are many different types of tickets out there. There are different sizes, weights and designs. TA Ticket Printing’s tickets are printed on 90 lb. card stock and measure 2”x 5.5”. We offer a huge variety of pre-designed tickets that are exclusive to TA Ticket Printing.

Security Features

Keeping your event secure is very important. Our tickets have many security features such as UV/coin rub ink, holograms, barcode (optional), serial numbers and sequential numbering. All of these features will help to ensure that your event is secure.

What do you need to consider after you've selected your ticket printing service?

Make sure you have all the vital information before you start working on your order. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When is my event?
  • When will I need my tickets delivered?
  • How many tickets will I need?
  • Is my event general admission?
  • Will I need reserved seating?
  • What color and/or style ticket is most appropriate for my event?
  • Will I need multiple colors and/or styles for this particular event?


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