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How to Save a Design to Your Shelf

One of our favorite features of our website allows you to save a design to your shelf and share it with another person to get their approval or feedback.

It's also a useful feature when you have a design that you want to use regularly and you just need to change a little bit of information each time.

  1. - Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  2. CREATE - Create your first ticket using the ticket designer.
  3. ADD TO CART - Add your ticket to your shopping cart.
  4. - From your cart, click on the “Save to shelf” button. This action stores this ticket to your account.
  5. - From your shelf listing, click “Edit” to the ticket you just saved.
  6. - Make your ticket changes, change the ticket name and add the new edited to your cart.
  7. SAVE TO SHELF - If you want to save this copied ticket for future use click “Save to shelf”

You need to re-approve the ticket after any edits.

Don't forget to review your options such as the quantity of tickets, the language on the back of the ticket (English or Spanish), and if you would like us to cut the tickets or not.