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500 Custom 1" Tyvek Wristbands with Detachable Stub

Custom Tyvek wristbands. The printable area is 0.5 inches x 6 inches
  • 500-custom-tyvek-wristbands-with-detachable-stub-0
  • 500-custom-tyvek-wristbands-with-detachable-stub-1
  • 500-custom-tyvek-wristbands-with-detachable-stub-2
  • 500-custom-tyvek-wristbands-with-detachable-stub-3

Add your own black text and/or black image to our popular 1" solid color Tyvek wristbands.  Scroll below to see our availability!

There are 500 wristbands in a box.

  • 1 box = 500 wristbands
  • 2 boxes = 1000 wristbands
  • 3500 wristbands = 7 boxes
  • 5000 wristbands = 10 boxes
  • 10000 wristbands = 20 boxes


  • 500 custom wristbands - $49.00 + shipping
  • 1000 custom wristbands - $61.50 + shipping
  • 1500 custom wristbands - $74.00 + shipping
  • 2000 custom wristbands - $86.50 + shipping
  • 2500 custom wristbands - $99.00 + shipping
  • 3000 custom wristbands - $111.50 + shipping
  • 3500 custom wristbands - $124.00 + shipping
  • 4000 custom wristbands - $136.50 + shipping
  • 4500 custom wristbands - $149.00 + shipping
  • 5000 custom wristbands - $161.50 + shipping
  • 7500 custom wristbands - $224.00 + shipping
  • 10000 custom wristbands - $276.50 + shipping
  • Discounts available for 10001+

* IMPORTANT * Our Custom Tyvek wristband orders are printed and shipped via UPS Ground around 2-3 business days AFTER receiving your emailed approval of the proof we email to you.

*Expedited shipping is often available for an additional payment that may be made over the phone by calling toll-free at 877-725-4881.

*Orders shipping internationally (outside of the continental U.S.) may require an additional amount to be paid for international shipping.  You will be contacted before your order is processed to arrange payment for this over the phone.  We will not automatically charge you for any additional amount due.

Choose from these wristband colors: Red, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Purple, Silver & Blue.

Cancellation Policy
Orders that are cancelled at any point before the printing process has begun will have the wristbands and shipping charge refunded, but will have a $35.00 non-refundable charge.  Orders that have been approved to print cannot be cancelled/refunded.

Save Money!

Rather than printing 'SATURDAY' on some wristbands and 'SUNDAY' on the other wristbands, use the same logo and/or text on all the wristbands, and instead change the wristband color to identify the different days.

E.G. Instead of paying for 1000 wristbands with Saturday printed on them, and 1000 blue wristbands with 'Sunday' printed on them, use one logo/text for your event, and use RED wristbands for Saturday and BLUE wristbands for Sunday.

As long as the text/image stays the same, you can get as many wristband colors as you want without increasing the price. (in multiples of 500) .

* If you wish to order 1000 red wristbands with 'Saturday' printed on them, and 1000 blue wristbands with 'Sunday' printed on them, you would need to place 2 orders.


The printable area is 0.75 inches x 6 inches

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the numbering that will appear on your wristbands. The numbering is not guaranteed to be different/unique, even from box to box.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Prepare your artwork
  2. The printable area is 0.75 inches x 6 inches
  3. Upload your artwork along with your order
  4. We accept these file types: .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .eps, .ai
  5. We'll send you a proof via email
  6. Approve your proof via email after which we'll begin production

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