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Orange Official Style Tickets

Orange 'official' style tickets
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Our customizable orange official tickets are perfect for any general admission event. Our official custom tickets are just like traditional concert or event tickets. It features boxes for information on the ticket, including an event code, the convenience charge, section number, aisle number, row number, box number, seat number, and admission price, as well as an open middle section allowing you to include specific information about the event. The phrase, "No Refunds/No Exchanges," is printed at the edge of the ticket stub, to the far right of the ticket.


The official ticket design is also available in red, dark green, blue, light green, purple, and pink.

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If you need it, you can get this ticket design with the disclaimer on the back of the ticket printed in Spanish.

And don't forget, Ticket Alternative is the only company in the US that can ship your custom tickets out the same day if your order is received by 12:00 PM (EST).


Prices start as low as $0.05 each!

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